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Main Content is a collection of voice applications developed for the Amazon Alexa. These Alexa skills were developed to provide a rich and immerse experience to surprise and delight users. From games to education to counters, or just for fun, we have it all!

We have been developing voice experiences since 2016 and have successfully deployed more than 70 skills which have collectively reached millions of customers. Try some out for yourself and you will be shouting, “Wow. Lol!”

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User Reviews

Check out these glowing reviews from our hundreds of thousands of satisfied users!

“I thought this was gonna be terrible but it ended up being super fun!”
– Gertraude B. on Magic Pet

“I assure you that this is much better than an actual fidget spinner, more fun and addictive. This app also helped me become one and find peace.”
– Amazon Customer on Fidget Spinner

This is too difficult. Haha. My three year old got pissed.
– Tiffany on Animal Sounds Game

“Simple, easy, and fun way to lose ‘money’.”
– grumpy on High Low

“It’s easier than Mad Libs because you just supply two to four words, and presto, Alexa reads you a silly sentence. (Also, the Mad Libs app for Alexa isn’t working properly.)”
– Joy S. on Silly Sentences

“If people want to learn to laugh a little, let loose and NOT FIND a reason to be offended at everything, then they will love this app.”
– Grandmaster L. on What Time Is It?

“It’s great to annoy people with…”
– Torah T. on 99 Bottles

“It is good.”
– Shawn on Hide and Seek

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